In average we are having between 50’000-70’000 thoughts a day, that’s around 35 to 48 thoughts a minute. And they all enter our heads in a totally arbitrary and uncontrolled way.
I like this concept of unconstrained randomness of impulse and emotion. It’s stimulating but can diffuse our senses and minds, hence we miss out on the little details, the everyday scenes become unnoticed.
Therefore it is not unexpected scenery that you see in my photographs. I devote myself to the ordinary, flirting with the grotesque and charming yet sometimes slightly dull encounters of our daily life.
Chasing those moments to me carries something refreshing, poetical and sadly romantic. It’s the quest that transports myself into a state of not-thinking, just-being.

I graduated from the FOTOfactory Amsterdam in January 2018.

I live and work in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Jan 26 - Apr 14, 2018 Graduation Show @ the FOTOfactory Amsterdam, NL

Nov 24 - Dec 16, 2018 NEW Dutch Photography Talent group exhibition @ Melkweg Expo Amsterdam, NL